Why wear swimsuit underneath wetsuit during scuba diving?

Why wear swimsuit underneath wetsuit?

I wore just wetsuit and didn’t wear swimsuit underneath wersuit because I didn’t bring swimsuit when I did experience scuba diving in summer. One told me I should bring swimsuit and towel and other told me I should bring just towel, no need swimsuit.

By the way, Can I wear wetsuit underneath nothing? If can, just boys? Or also girls? For example, In movie “Charlie’s Angeles”, a woman unzips the front of her wetsuit (only cleavage is visible), then we see three women’s bare backs as they start taking off their wetsuits.


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4 thoughts on “Why wear swimsuit underneath wetsuit during scuba diving?

  1. Wearing a swim suit under a wet suit only allows you to take the wet suit off after diving. It is a common practice for surfers to not wear anything under a wet suit because there is less wet clothing to carry home after surfing. I don’t wear a swim suit under my wet suit when diving, but I have to figure out a way to change into shorts, or some thing after diving with out exposing my self to the world. A large beach towel works pretty good as a changing robe or you can find a restroom to change in.

    Wearing a swim suit will not add to the insulate value of the wet suit. The only thing you can wear that adds insulation is either more wet suit or you can buy shorts, or swim suit made out of Polypropylene like the suits by Aeroskin of California, they have a slight thermal property in water.

  2. You can wear whatever is comfortable under your suit, including nothing at all. Your primary concern should be comfort and warmth. After that, …whatever floats your boat. Bra, panties or jock strap. It really doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable and your dive buddies aren’t going to be shocked. I’ve changed on a small dive boat in mixed company because we’re there to dive, not ooogle each others privates and it was vice versa. When fashion or male/female “things” come into play, you guys aren’t diving, you’re extending stereotypes into the water.As divers, we’re all equal until you prove yourself otherwise usually to the lesser. Your mind limits your diving.

  3. I guess you could wear nothing under your wetsuit, but how would you change into dry clothing once you got out of the water? At least with a swimsuit on underneath, you can take off your wetsuit while still preserving your privacy, then all you have to do is get creative with a large beach towel and you can change into dry clothing while still preserving most of your dignity :) There are a lot of scuba places that don’t have changing areas.

    Movies are hardly ever accurate, when it comes to protrayal of real life stuff. Most scuba divers don’t look like anything out of “Charlie’s Angels”!

    It’s probably better to wear a swimsuit under your wetsuit for now! Once you obtain certification, you can do anything you darn well please :)

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